Sports betting guide for beginners

How to Get Started in Betting?

When you are a newcomer there are all kinds of questions.

You have to decide what kind of sport you want to bet on, what strategy to choose, how to work out your bankroll, and one of the most important is to choose a sportsbook.

When you’re at the beginning of the betting game, you shouldn’t expect great results. You should prepare yourself for the worst, and realise that you won’t be able to make any huge money at the start. You have a long way to go on your way to becoming a professional. In the early stages it is important to find bankroll and gambling strategies which help you not to lose money. The important thing here is to keep your bankroll steady. Only after you start to feel confident in your predictions and calculations can you talk about making some real money.

Choosing a Bookmaker Company

This is the most important stage for a beginner. If you find a reliable and trustworthy site, you can talk about a good start. Otherwise, if you run into a scam you will only lose a day and get only negative experience.

Pay attention to the following conditions:

  • Availability of live betting ;
  • The presence of an official licence Curacao;
  • Lines: selection of tournaments, events, sports;
  • The value of the odds;
  • Available methods for making payments;
  • The currency for payments;
  • Platform security: ways to protect players’ personal information;
  • The availability of generous bonuses;
  • Responsive and professional technical support.

The popular 1win AZ platform meets all of the above criteria among those available in the country.

Website Information

1win azerbaycan is a nationally renowned platform that offers players the most favourable conditions for betting on sports. Here you can find lucrative odds, generous bonuses and convenient ways to deposit and withdraw.

The platform was launched in 2018 under the management of MFI Investments . Since then, the site has continued to improve, with new games, bonuses, promotions and an improved interface being added all the time .

1win AZ is a legal site that has been officially licensed by the Curacao regulator. Its number is 8048/JAZ 2018-040. In order to keep all personal data safe and prevent access for fraudsters the operators have implemented modern encryption methods.

There are a variety of sports to choose from on the website. Both internationally known and nationally popular offers are available. Many gamblers prefer :

  • Football is the most popular category among all the sports. All events can be bet on here. The popular tournaments are Serie A, Champions League, La Liga etc;
  • Volleyball – those who are fans of this sport can use the most favorable and competitive odds;
  • Basketball – the category includes popular events such as NBA tournaments, etc.

In addition to these offers, players can also bet on cyber sports. Fans of Video Games especially love this section. Here you can bet on Dota 2, CS:Go, League of Legends, Valiant , Sense of Duty and more.

For a complete list of offers and great bonuses and promotions go to https://1winbetaz.com/.

Choice of Sports and Tournaments

Don’t bet on all kinds of sports in the beginning. Decide which sport is familiar to you, and have at least a superficial knowledge of the rules.

Selecting a sport that is completely new to you will require a lot more time to understand the process. If you select a sport that is familiar to you, you will have to learn everything new only about the process of placing a bet.

You should choose tournaments according to their popularity. The more popular they are, the higher the odds the bookmakers will offer. Accordingly you will be able to get higher winnings.

Decide on your bankroll

Before you place your first bet, it’s worth thinking about how much money you can afford to spend on betting. Think about how much money you can spend each day, week and month. It is never a good idea to go above and beyond your betting limits. Such an approach can lead to spending too much and losing all your money.

Learn the Terminology

If you want to start playing the game in a way that makes sense to anyone new to the game, it pays to go to a special site and read up on all the basic terms. That way you can understand all the terms that are described, and you won’t fall into the trap.

Best Strategies

There are many different strategies in the world of betting, all of which differ in purpose and possible outcomes. The following are the strategies most commonly used by professional bettors.

Catch-up Martingale Strategy

The essence of this strategy is that each time a player loses, you need to double the next bet amount. It is worth setting a percentage of the bankroll, which will be the initial rate. Usually it is 1-2 percent. Count all outcomes and see how many times in a row you can double the amount. Odds should be 2.0 or higher.


You bet 50 manat on the first team. The bet loses. In the next match you have to bet 100 manat . If you lose again the bet is doubled and makes 200 manat. It is worth to keep following this algorithm until you win.

Keep in mind that some bookmakers place limits on maximum bets. So in case you lose several times in a row with a big initial bet, the amount may be too big for the site.

Alternate Play-Off Strategy

It is possible to use this option if you don’t want to use odds higher than 2.0. Determine betting amounts, calculate possible losses and profits.

Formula = (Current loss+target profit)/(odds-1).


When you made a bet of 100 manat and lost it. Now your target profit

is the amount of your first bet.  If you want to place your next bet with odds 3.0. Formula = (100+100)(3-1)= 200/2=100.

If you bet 100 manat with odds 3 and win. THEN your net profit is 100, and you could make up for the loss in your last unsuccessful bet.

Ladder strategy

This strategy is suitable for those people who do not like taking chances.

The basic idea is to choose the odds 1.1-1.3. The player makes a bet and in case of successful outcome puts the winning sum on the next match.

You should define in advance the number of bets, which can be made using this strategy. When you have reached a predetermined limit it is worth to stop and start the “staircase” again. The net profit stays with the player. You don’t need to use it to place any more bets.

It is worth remembering that even such a simple strategy, which does not seem to carry any risks, can lead to losses. Even betting on low odds can sometimes lead to failure.

Do not assume that this is a no-lose strategy.

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